Semi built vacation homes


Start your adventure!

We offer a range of semi built mobile homes. They are built up with a steel frame, ready built roof and walls. The basics is in place for you to expand in to your dream vacation home. Build it up by your self or choose one of our offered package. Choose between budget – normal – premium. Build all at once or in stages. Design both interior and exterior, with or without our assistance. We offer several interior designs, proven to be space efficient and convenient.

First step is to buy the semi built house, then you become the owner of your new house. Choose the plot you prefer to rent inside our tropical resort just outside Pattaya. Start build and within a few months you could be ready to move in.


Tropical resort

Enjoy the tropical nature our resort offer. Area is very quiet – a place to relax yet very close to the bustling city of Pattaya. You rent the plot where your house is placed upon. Included in rental price is our maintenance fee which includes night lights, the pool for you and your family to enjoy, and all other services required.

Pattaya offer a wide range of attractions and many very big shopping malls. Few cities in Thailand can offer a modern thai city where almost every thai can speak English. Cuisine is offered from every corner of the world. Famous beaches, tourist attractions, markets and special arrangements makes Pattaya the funniest city in the world. If you are interested we can rent out your house when you are not there to generate some income as well.